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Malekith on Black Dragon

Ladies and Gentleman,

over the last few months I painted the new centrepiece and final step of my army: Malekith the Witchking on his Black Dragon.

I really love the Forge World Carmine Dragon. Using this mini for my collection was never in question.

But it took a little time to find out how to paint it und in the end I’m somewhat satisfied with the colorscheme.

I put the witchking in a bright, almost white armour. He sees himself as King of Ulthuan and of all elvenkind, so I wanted him to be clad in an old fashioned ulthuan-styled armour. I think he never cared about using black as an “evil colour” for his subjects. That is an issue he leaves for his mother and his noblemen to argue about.

The blue/brown banner completes the model as a part of my army.

So, nough said, hope you enjoy the pics.


The new (or current) DE army book with the new base and new rules lead to the need for a new cauldron of blood mini. I loved my existing one with the charming bathing girl (see the old cauldron ) and I didn’t want to dissemble it. So I needed a new one. The current discostair-mini wasn’t to my taste but I always wanted to use the WoC Warshrine kit in some way. So I decided to take it as the base for my conversion. I don’t know if I’m satisfied with the painting, especially the color scheme, maybe you’ve got an idea how to alter it. Feel free to leave a comment.


Hey Fellows! :)

After a long time of sluggishness I can announce that my painting activities and this blog finally continue.

Loving the miniatures range of Chris Fitzapatrick’s Crocodile Games, I had to get some more “wargods of hyperborea”-minis. I’ve always liked those Yeti-Like Wendigos, but as a painter who wants to have at least the opportunity to use all his painting output in a proper game I wondered how I could integrate these guys into one of my armies.

As a impassionate Warriors of Chaos-player (with an army color scheme quite similar to that of my dark elves as you can see at my demon prince) the nearby solution was to use them as a unit of chaostrolls.

And I think these fit quite well:




It has been a long time since I first thought about converting a BSB based on the wargods o hyperborea ice witch.

I used my first ice witch mini for a sorceress on foot, because I didn’t want to accidentally damage the model during the conversion process (and the mini was rarely available because of some reason in Germany at the time I bought my first one; so I didn’t know if I would get another one so easily). So I decided to paint her straight out of the blister.

But for the second one I wanted to create my intended conversion.




The model ist still WIP. I will add some small details later, but the main conversion is done:

I experimented with different possibilties to pin the body to the base. In the original version, the body is to be assembled to the cloak which is the link to the base. I decided to drill into the left foot which is higher than th right one (which is too sophisticated to drill a hole into it). The problem was to hide the pin, so I decided to have the witch positioned on a little steep slope.

The left hand with the chill blade has been exchanged with a left hand of an old hagashin.


For the banner I used a bit from the chaos marauder sprue which I made more darkelvish with thorns from the old DE warriors sprue and a blade from some old beastmaster.

From left behind (last row) :

– 32 Dark Corsairs, Cauldron of Blood #2 (also used as unit filler),  behind 40 Dreadspears, 3 Repeater Bolt Thrower

– 13 Warlocks, Avatar of Khaine (Unitfiller), 40 Dreadspears, 18 Witch Elves #1, 5 Dark Riders #1, 5 Dark Riders #2, Master on Dark Pegasus

– 11 Shades/Menghil Manhides Manflayers, Hydra #1, Hydra #2, Cold One Chariot #1 (also used as Kharybdiss like the other Carnoaurs), Cold One Chariot #2, Cold One Chariot #3, Dreadlord on Black Dragon, 20 Witch Elves #2,

– 22 Dark Shards, 29 Black Guardians, Cauldron of Blood #1, 10 Cold One Knights

– 5 Harpies #2, Master on Dark Steed, BSB on Dark Steed, Master on Cold One, BSB on Cold One, Supreme Sorceress on Dark Steed, Dreadlord on Dark Steed, BSB on Dark Pegasus, 33 Executioners

– Homunculus (Owl), Sorceress, Sorceress, Assassin, Supreme Sorceress, BSB, Dread Lord with great weapon, Malus Darkblade on foot

Fotos made at March, 16th 2014.

Army to be continued…

Hey folks,

tonight I want to show you one of my favorite topics from which is the reason why I always wear a smile on my lips these days.

The user Calisson started producing his nice cartoons some weeks ago. Though I was lazy during the last weeks keeping my blog up to date I don’t want to hold back this topic to everyone of you who is not following

Calisson is one of the most productive cartoonist that I know (and I don’t know many ;) ), he publishes a new cartoon almost every day and has a really impressive collection of comics so far. For further reading check this out and have fun: Calissons Dark Elves Cartoons

Two weeks ago I finished some extra dudes to support my Black Guard. Now I’ve 28 painted minis, but I will paint 2 more for a unit of 30.

Note that the Champion (“Kouran”) wields the Crimson Death while the standard bearer carries the banner of murder.