Ladies and Gentleman,

over the last few months I painted the new centrepiece and final step of my army: Malekith the Witchking on his Black Dragon.

I really love the Forge World Carmine Dragon. Using this mini for my collection was never in question.

But it took a little time to find out how to paint it und in the end I’m somewhat satisfied with the colorscheme.

I put the witchking in a bright, almost white armour. He sees himself as King of Ulthuan and of all elvenkind, so I wanted him to be clad in an old fashioned ulthuan-styled armour. I think he never cared about using black as an “evil colour” for his subjects. That is an issue he leaves for his mother and his noblemen to argue about.

The blue/brown banner completes the model as a part of my army.

So, nough said, hope you enjoy the pics.